A vacation on a yacht is a dream holiday, and you will have complete privacy with your guests, whether family, friends or business colleagues.  Have you thought of making payment for the yacht rental through bitcoins? Yes, it is possible. bitcoinluxury.ae adds value to luxury to provide you an unforgettable travel experience.

Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies have seen a spectacular rise catching the attention of individuals and companies as well. Many businesses are now accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. We at bitcoinluxury.ae can help you buy a new yacht, sell your yacht, or charter a yacht.

How bitcoins can be better than fiat currency:

There are several advantages for travellers who want to pay by bitcoins for charters.

1. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer, making the transactions completely private. It is like a cash transaction allowing you to pay anybody discreetly. The only difference is it is a digital transaction.

2. The setup is fast and simple. You do not require a bank account, cheques, or any cards or wait for approvals. You set up a wallet, purchase bitcoins from an exchange. bitcoinluxury.ae is authorised to sell bitcoins in exchange for fiat cash.

3.There is no third-party involvement like a Central Bank. The transactions are quick and attract far lower transaction fees than what banks charge for credit card deals.  The payments while making luxury purchases can go very high, and the bank charges also can go high. You save quite a sum when you use the cryptocurrency for payment.

4. Transaction approvals are fast. You type the wallet address of the beneficiary, write the amount, reconfirm the transaction, and the amount is transferred to their wallet. The yacht owner can go ahead with the booking, and you get confirmations instantly.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and that can be risky for the parties. For example, the service provider can lose money if the bitcoin value comes down after providing a service.

How does the transaction work:

  • Yachts are of different sizes, features, and capacities. bitcoinluxury.ae managers can guide you through the various vessels available on hire.
  • Fix the schedule- number of members, number of days/ hours you want, choose a package, or we can help customise a trip for you.
  • Make the payment through bitcoins as per the invoice.
  • We will get you the confirmation of your proposed yacht holiday. 

If you still have queries, call us or chat with our support team.