Pay rent by Bitcoins. Doesn’t the idea sound exciting? is the online marketplace in Dubai where you can purchase luxury products in exchange for bitcoins. We have made it possible for cryptocurrency users to pay their rent regardless of whether it is an apartment, house, or commercial property.   

New trends, new indulgence with

Customer lifestyle and needs are changing, and Dubai, too, is experiencing the transformation. As a result, the city is witnessing a steep increase in the rental market. New neighbourhoods are emerging as popular areas – Dubai Land, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Academic City, and many similar locations saw an increase in tenants.

Bitcoin is a high-value decentralised cryptocurrency having the potential to be a fiat currency alternative. It will be a first-time experience for many, but the process is almost akin to how you were buying previously. Our managers will assist you right through making your experience a smooth and seamless one. We endeavour to streamline the transaction process, cutting down the paperwork and get you the best property matching your budget and location.

Why cryptocurrency

Transacting with bitcoins is much safer, faster, and secure than with fiat currency since you do not reveal your personal or financial information while making the payment. In addition, the exchange fee is much lower than what a bank or any other financial institution charges.

Bitcoin transactions remove paperwork such as issuing cheques, noting the landlord account details, waiting for cheque clearances, etc. You can complete a Bitcoin transaction within minutes.

Since blockchain powers every transaction of bitcoin and other digital currencies, there are multiple records of every transaction. Therefore, the risks of hacking and errors are low.

The number of landlords and property dealers accepting Bitcoins for rental and sale of properties is increasing each day. So, you have a wider choice in your search for properties with excellent facilities and in a good location accepting the cryptocurrency.  You can save time, discarding the properties where bitcoins are not accepted.

There will be no intermediaries. Real estate dealings, whether rental or sale, usually involves brokers, lawyers, banks, etc.  Tenants and landlords can save on the fees and brokerage that these intermediaries charge. can also help you buy luxury products like cars, yachts, watches, using bitcoins. In case you wish to buy bitcoins with fiat cash, we can assist you with the service.

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